No word other than FANTASTIC can describe the Naeem Khan runway show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York. No, it was beyond fantastic… perfection. From the incredible designs to the lush tropical  rainforest backdrop to the music that was so amazing I had to Soundhound and use it at the Brava Fashion shows I coordinated.


We will definitely be seeing this bold, beautiful orange color around in the spring considering Vera Wang, Milly and Malan Breton also showcased this vibrant color in their collections. Secret: Anyone can wear orange. It’s just a matter of finding the shade that suits you.


Although the designer was inspired by the Spanish rose along with the colors and art of Spain, this off-the-shoulder silhouette makes me think of 70’s Bohemian, but more refined–especially when styled with a floor-length skirt featuring a high slit. Tip: Try pairing a Bohemian piece with a sleek, sophisticated garment for an unexpected twist.


The lush tropical plants set off the graphic print of this colorful dress. Try a bold print to make a major impact this spring. Don’t be afraid to mix your prints, but keep them from fighting one another by opting for patterns that are different enough and tying them together with at least one color.

naeem 1

All white can be so flattering with the right silhouette. Amp it up with a touch of sparkle… or a lot of sparkle and metallic accessories.

naeem 3

Some of my clients are hesitant to try the color combination of tan and black. This look shows there is no reason to hesitate. It is a definite “do,” especially when you add some touchable texture.

naeem 4

What bride wouldn’t want to say her vows in this show-stopping finale from the runway? After seasons of the strapless silhouette, a scoop-neck with short sleeves seems fresh and new.

Although winter is upon us, spring is just around the corner… be ready for a fresh start.

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  1. Lisa Brill says:

    Thank you for bringing chic and fabulous fashion ideas and inspiration to our city!

    We always enjoy seeing the fashion shows and local trends through your eyes to get a feel for what lies ahead ~ both on the runways and in our closets.

    It’s great to know that even if we can’t skip off somewhere to see what’s current, we can look forward to your fresh and fun posts.

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