Stylists are not just for celebrities and red carpets, and being fashionable is not just about the latest trends. Everyone has the ability—and right—to look and feel amazing. Sometimes you just need to be shown how. Barry Chic helps you discover your personal style and create a wardrobe that reflects who you are.

About Lisa

From when she first fell in love with her mother’s 1950s feathered hat while playing dress up as a little girl, Lisa Barry has been drawn to—and had a knack for—fashion. After working in retail and spending much of her free time reading fashion magazines, books, and blogs, she found herself as the go-to person for friends and family seeking style advice. This spread to coworkers and friends of friends, and what began as a passion turned into a career.

Today, Barry Chic offers professional wardrobe consulting to a variety of clients. Lisa’s expertise in styling for different body types and lifestyles is balanced by her fresh knowledge of fashion.  Her favorite part of her job? Seeing the transformation in clients’ confidence and the joy they express when they feel great about how they look.

Lisa Barry - Barry Chic Boutique Owner

Lisa Barry – Barry Chic Owner