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Behind the scenes at Barry Chic!

The blog is looking to focus on showing our clients and followers what goes on behind the scenes. We want to show you what it’s like to work in fashion, and what you can expect if you decide to hire a stylist. We would love to hear what YOU would like to know and see about Barry Chic styling and what it’s like to work in the fashion industry. Send us your questions for Lisa!

Celebrity Fashion from 2006 to Today!

Today’s celebrity super stars really know how to bring the fashion. From their street style to the red carpet, they know how to work an outfit. But what about ten years ago? Let’s look back and compare celebrity fashion from 2006 to today! How far has your favorite celebrity come over the past decade? Justin Timberlake […]

How-To Keep Summer Cool

It’s hot out there! It’s not even July and we, in Madison, have already had several days in the 90s! Summer brings the challenge of wanting to dress well, and look good, without getting too hot. There’s nothing like sweat to make you feel uncomfortable and unattractive in an outfit. Today, I will be focusing […]

Savvy Traveler Packing Tips

Summer is a popular time to travel, and with travel comes packing a suitcase. Packing a suitcase may seem self explanatory, but if you want to be a savvy traveler, and travel light, you may need some tips. Hopefully, if you do it right, you can avoid paying extra for checked baggage. Here are some […]

Exposed Shoulder Tops are the Look of 2016

Summer is here. Jackets are coming off and everyone is getting ready for warmer weather. What is the must have clothing item of the summer? Celebrities all seem to agree, exposed shoulder tops are the look of 2016. It’s all very Bridget Bardot, and who’s a better muse for summer stlye than Bridget? Here is […]

Summer Staples, and the Right Accessories

Warmer weather has finally arrived, and that means it’s time to think about your summer wardrobe. Summer fashion is all about making comfortable, effortless clothing stylish. A summer wardrobe can be put together with just a few summer staples, and the right accessories. It’s all about looking great and staying cool. The first piece to […]