I get the question, “Is it okay to wear navy and black together?” a lot.

Oh, how these fashion rules have plagued us for so many years. Right along with the “Don’t wear white after labor day.” (Which, believe me, you can.) Rules are meant to be broken, right?

But back to navy and black, the answer is yes! Almost all neutrals go well together..think black and brown. (Which is also 100% okay!)   The key is to make it look deliberate.  You do not want people to wonder if when you got dressed this morning you thought you were wearing all black or all navy.

Is this a color combination you have tried before? How do you pair your blues and blacks? Here is some outfit inspiration you can use if you aren’t sure:





navy and black 1

The things to remember is that when the colors are so similar, use texture to enhance them.





black and navy

Or layer them so that the subtle change in color will be apparent.

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