Now that beanie season is over, it’s time to switch to my new favorite hat trend…the big, floppy hat! You all know that I love to be accessorized at all times and I love hats (especially when you’re having a not-so-hot hair day). Since not a lot of women don’t embrace this trend, it is a good way to stand out. Not only are they the perfect beach accessory but they can be used to top off a glam outfit or add a touch of “chic” to a casual outfit. But besides that, here are some other reasons why I’m loving this type of hat..

–They shield your face and neck from the damaging effects of the sun.

–They protect your hair color and keep your hair shiny.

–They are fun, charming, and exciting. 

Not sure how to incorporate these hats into your outfits? Here is some inspiration:






This is one my favorite trends and I encourage you all to try it!