No time during fashion week is more exciting than the moments before a runway show begins. I am getting my camera ready at Lincoln Center during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, just waiting with anxious anticipation for what I know is going to be an incredible show. I’m hoping to capture images that will do Vera Wang’s looks justice. My heart races. The theater is crowded with editors, buyers, photographers, stylists and bloggers–all buzzing with enthusiasm.

I’m excited to see Wang’s take on the trends, colors and styles that will set the tone for Spring 2014.

Finally, the show starts and it is every bit worth the wait.


When you think of a Vera Wang design, “sporty” doesn’t usually come to mind. Still, this sporty look keeps it true to Wang’s style with exquisite details and sophistication.


A vibrant cobalt blue dress makes a stunning entrance with a low v-neck and intricate draping.


A perfect fusion of textures and sheer makes you want to reach out and touch this amazing creation. Don’t be afraid to try an unexpected color combination such as black and blue, as long as the combination looks deliberate.


The black and white trend we have been seeing for several seasons will continue for Spring 2014. The one shoulder silhouette layered over a sleeveless dress takes black and white to a whole new level.


Although we have been seeing mainly slim silhouettes for pants, these wide leg trousers make this stylist and blogger want to trade in her skinny jeans. The long, sheer, printed top is the perfect statement to amp up this outfit. It almost floats down the runway. Who knew black and yellow could be so sophisticated and chic?


Every woman should have a sexy black slip dress in her arsenal. Cover it up, as shown here, or dare to be bare for a night out.


This vibrant, silky fabric flows, making an exit statement as well an entrance. The overlay with a different back makes for a playful take on the cutout trend we will be seeing all over.

It is going to be a vibrant and sophisticated Spring 2014, so get ready!