There are so many women who choose a scarf as their “go-to” accessory. And many of us have a large variety of them. But keeping track of them can be quite a challenge. This is why storage is key. Because chances are if you see it, you’ll use it. If you have all your beautiful scarves showing, you’ll reach for them more often. Here are some creative ways to store and organize your scarves so that you will have easy access to them. Create some sort of order by organizing by color and pattern. And hang them instead of shoving them into a drawer. This will keep them wrinkle free and easy to spot. So when you’re putting together your outfit you will know where they are!

If you have the space, use tension rods to loop scarves over each tier.


If you’re crafty, here is another fun way to organize them.


Even something as simple and affordable as shower curtain rings and placing them on a sturdy hanger makes for an eye-pleasing display and an easy way to pull them out when you’re ready to wear them.


If you have a clever way to store your scarves, please share in the comments section. Your ideas may inspire someone else to get their scarves in order!

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  1. Diane says:

    All good ideas. I like to store mine in a drawer rolled on empty paper towel rolls. Not as visible but always wrinkle free and ready to wear.

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