What does the floor of your closet look like?  Do you struggle with how to store your casual shoes?  Leather sandals and structured flats are my go-to for laid-back weekends. But they tend to end up in a crazy mess on the floor. This category of shoes isn’t typically stored in their boxes. So what do you do?

The key is to find a system that works for you. Maybe you want to store them up high on shelves or keep them lined up down low. Either way, you’re going to want a way to keep them organized so that when you are looking to wear them, you aren’t searching for forever to find it’s partner.

One easy way is to use a fabric or wicker basket. These are super simple to set up and place on the floor. Just be sure not to over-stuff them otherwise they will be hard to find the pair you are looking for. Try using 2 or 3 boxes and categorize them by style. The result? No more lost shoes!


I found this next one on Pinterest and thought it was interesting. While this wouldn’t work for some because of space, it might work for others. The idea is to see your shoes, instead of searching for them.


If you have room on your closet door, this is a fantastic idea. Again, the key is to not over-stuff them so you can find them easy. If you over-stuff them, it will also be hard to pull them out without pulling out a bunch, which defeats the purpose.


This is also such a creative idea. It will definitely keep things organized and be such a space saver!


And if your looking for an investment, this is a genius idea! You can see all your shoes and have a place a sit while putting them. The fun design will also add some interest to your room.


Do you have a clever way that you store your flats and sandals? Please share in the comment section!