To say that my love for jumpsuits started recently, well, that would be untrue. This is proof that fashion will always make its way around again. I own multiple and it is definitely one of those items that have made their way around from the 80’s. This sparked my idea to do a “then and now” post with how jumpsuits were worn in the 80’s compared to now.



Not only were jumpsuits a big thing, but so was using a belt to accentuate the waist. Some things don’t change! The silhouette is much different back then with larger, more oversized fits.



Fast forward to current day. But notice a similarity? In this one, the belt is sewn into the garment for easier wear. And it’s made more casual by being styled with sandals. The top portion is also more fitted to show off a more feminine sihouette.


I loved this idea! Find a vintage jumpsuit and style it with more modern accessories like some stripy heels and a casual yet stylish baseball hat. I challenge you to find a jumpsuit from the 80s or 90s and style it with some accessories from today. Post it in the comments or post it on our Facebook page! We love to see your creativity.