It’s hot out there! It’s not even July and we, in Madison, have already had several days in the 90s! Summer brings the challenge of wanting to dress well, and look good, without getting too hot. There’s nothing like sweat to make you feel uncomfortable and unattractive in an outfit. Today, I will be focusing on transitioning to a summer wardrobe. Here we go with my How-To Keep Summer Cool:

First of all, if you’re a woman and have long hair, you would be amazed how much cooler you will feel when you wear your hair up. Having your hair lifted off your neck will keep you much cooler. Since summer style tends to be more relaxed, braids are always a classic summer look. Learning tricks for braiding your own hair can keep you feeling cool while looking great all summer. The great part is, you don’t have to use styling tools. Just let your hair dry naturally and follow the steps. Here are a couple tutorials that are inspiring us this summer:




When going through your closet or shopping for new clothes in stores, here are some things to look for in a summer wardrobe:
• The silhouette should be loose, and not fitted.
• Natural fabrics breath better, and you will sweat less.
• Consider whether or not you think your body can catch air vs. being too restricted.
• Go for light colors, darker colors can draw more heat.


Blousy tops are a popular go to for the summer heat. Here are some examples that you can buy now:




Women love wearing summer dresses. They’re fun, stylish and almost too easy. The downside is that when it gets really hot, and you’re doing a lot of walking, your thighs may rub together, and you may not want to add a layer of shorts. Instead of doing a dress, try a romper! The ease and style of a dress, with a thigh divider. Check out these examples, available for purchase now:




Don’t forget when getting dressed to consider the Three Ls of staying summer cool: Less, Lighter, Looser.