Malan Breton used tons of luminous and vibrant colored fabrics in his Spring/Summer 2016 collection at Style Fashion Week in New York. The pinks and blues and even the navys and blacks in the menswear shined through. I really enjoyed his variety of dress silhouettes he chose to show. And his use of silk shows how easy it is to turn traditional into modern. The diversity used among the models (something you don’t see often) was something I especially loved.


Definitely my favorite piece from the show. The pattern and matching waist tie belt in a vibrant pink with just a touch of blue create such a sexy and feminine piece.


The styling of this dress is what captured my attention most. I love the silver oversized cuff bangles. It creates a soft edge to what would normally be such a feminine gown.


I have a feeling bright pinks and baby blues are going to be huge this Spring….and Pantone agrees.  This floor length jacket is a beautiful way to show off such a magnificent color palate.


I’m loving the intricate embroidery on this one. This would surely be a gown that would get people talking. Use this as inspiration for your Frostiball or Frozen Assets dress this year!


Again, the embroidery one this one is fabulous. I could see this one being worn for a modern day bride who wants to keep a bit of a traditional feel to her dress.


What a way to turn heads! The patterned blazers and suiting create a “not-so-subtle” look, but that is what is truly magical about this collection. These shorts can only be worn by a man who is confident and daring with his look.

What did I take away from this show? Step outside of your comfort zone and wear things that you feel beautiful in. Play with colors and pretty details. They are what is going to make you stand out in a crowd.