Denim has always been fashion’s best friend. But this season we’ve seen one specific piece make its way back around–the denim skirt. But since the 90’s and the early 00’s, fabric technology has come up with better, more flattering materials. If the denim you have currently is stiff as cardboard, you may enjoy the more softer fabric choices this year.

Once you find the style of denim skirt that you like, whether it be long, short, dark wash, medium, or light, the key is figuring out how to wear it. With jeans, it is easy enough to throw on a cute graphic tee and call it a day, but at Barry Chic we are all about making a statement so a little styling should take place.

A denim skirt can be used for almost any situation from a day at the farmer’s market to a day in the office.



Let’s start with the most casual. I really like that this outfit can be worn with a pair of cute sneakers, but you could also do it with a pretty pair of flats. It looks comfortable, yet put together.


This look has more of an edgy, chic vibe. I love the idea of wearing it with booties and having fun with layers for fall.



How about denim-on-denim?! If you’ve got a chambray shirt in your closet, pull it out and pair it with your denim skirt. Also, don’t be afraid to use fun accessories to add interest to the outfit.



There is so much you can do with a maxi skirt. Having a long, denim skirt in your closet will give you so many options to play with. The best part about this one? It will transition so easy into colder weather.



Here is one example of how to wear your denim skirt to the office (if applicable). Even going a little further and adding a blazer will make it even more professional. If blazers aren’t your thing, you could also do a cardigan. However, if you are going to do a denim skirt for the office, be sure to opt for a darker wash as it comes off as more dress appropriate.


Is the denim skirt something that you could see adding to your wardrobe? Or maybe it’s a staple in your closet already. Either way, I hope you gained some new inspiration on how to bring your denim skirt back into rotation.